Spanish Limestone

The most famous Spanish limestone of all has to be Crema Marfil. It is commonly called a marble but it is actually a fine grained limestone from South East Spain.

Spanish limestone can vary in colour from the almost white Crema Palancar and Caliza Capri through to the bronze of Siera Elvira, the anthracite grey colour of Gris Catalan and on to the black of Negro Marquinia (also commonly called a marble). The cream coloured Crema Marfil tiles with the characteristic cinnamon coloured veining are one of the most popular choices for contemporary flooring but there are plenty of alternatives.

Many of the Spanish limestone are dense and fine grained which means that they can take a high polish. This may be why so many of them are often mistaken for marbles.

Our current range of Spanish limestones includes:

Argent, Bruc, Caliza Capri, Crema Palancar, Crema Zamora, Cenia Cream, Cenia Grey, Crema Levante, Crema Real, Gris Catalan, Negro Marquinia, Siera Elvira (aka Grey Venezia) and many more. Please call if you are looking for something specific but do not see it here.

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