Rare Marble and Limestone

We are often asked to source a rare marble or limestone which is either no longer quarried or is only quarried in very small amounts. Each time we come across a different marble hidden away, we are always fascinated by its history. Every piece of natural stone has its own unique characteristics and story but it is all the more intriguing for the rare marbles.

Naploeon Lunel marble in Northern France was originally quarried to build the Napoleon’s Column monument overlooking the historic town of Boulogne. The column was built to celebrate the invasion of England that never happened! More details of Napoleon Lunel Marble here.

The exotic Sarancolin marbles from the French Pyrenees were famously used in the Palace of Versailles. The blocks of Opera Fantastico and Opera Versailles are quarried high in the Pyrenees. Recently, the Sarancolin range has further increased with the extraction of Sarancolin “Season” marbles. These are definitely marbles to consider when designing eye-catching features.

The rare limestone, Occhio di Pavone (Peacock’s Eye) is black with white fossilised mollusc shells. Only a few slabs of this material are available. This would work beautifully in a feature panel with an Italian Carrara or Greek Thassos white marble as a background stone.

These are just a taster of our rare marble and limestone range. Please ask if you have any request for unusual, rare or antique marbles and limestones. Our network of specialist collectors and quarries around Europe gives us access to a unique range of material for one-off, bespoke designs.