Throughout history, Italian marble has been favoured by the wealthy for decorative purposes. The Victorians frequently used Italian Carrara marble for statues, sculptures, fireplaces and internal surfaces.

Italian marble is a versatile stone and can be used in many areas of the house. It is well known as a flooring material and it has been widely used in bathrooms as floor tiles, wall cladding and vanity tops. It also makes great table tops and kitchen worktops where practicality meets subtle elegance.

Striking book matched Italian marble slabs can be used in luxury bathrooms to create impressive bespoke wall cladding that doubles as a piece of art.

You can read more about Italian marble in our blog pages where we discuss various topics on cleaning and sealing, where it can be used and some of the myths surrounding marble.

The range includes the world famous Carrara in all its different forms. Often, we see two grades; Carrara C and Carrara CD. The higher C grade tends to have a slightly whiter, cleaner background than the lower CD grade which is greyer and may also have more surface pits and marks.

There are many different quarries in the Carrara region of Italy and each produces a slightly different form of Carrara marble. Some, such as the Carrara Gioia, tend to have a whiter background with finer, more defined grey veins. We have also used a Carrara Superiore in some of our projects which is again whiter and with fewer veins.

The Carrara region also produces other white Italian marbles such as Arabescato, Calacatta and Statuario. Again, there are many many different forms of each of these and each has its own characteristic.

When buying marble for your project, as with any other type of natural stone, it is advisable to see enough samples and photos of your chosen stone so that you get a good idea of the variation you are likely to see in the delivered batch. Most of the quarries we work with will be happy to supply photos of the blocks or slabs that will be used for your project.

As well as the better known white marbles of Northern Italy, we have access to a rare and specialist collection of Italian marble which is available for the most exclusive projects. The photo below of the black marble Occhio do Pavone is one such example. Please call for details.