Private Client


Family bathroom and kitchen


Silver Travertine, Statuario Marble, Ivory Travertine

All floors were boarded and first had to be strengthened and insulated prior to laying under-floor heating systems and floor tiles. The family bathroom used Ivory Travertine on the floor and walls with bespoke features like a vanity top and recesses. Silver Travertine on the floor and Italian Statuario marble worktops in the kitchen linked in with the customer’s chosen colour scheme and match an existing antique marble table-top. All stone was treated with the Fila range of sealers to provide protection against oil and water-based stains.

“Steve and Denise’s expertise and advice have been fundamental to the success of our kitchen and bathroom refurbishment. They didn’t just provide us with the best quality stone tiles and basin at a very competitive price, but gave us their expert advice on what stone to get to create the look that we wanted, all in a friendly and caring manner. The results speak for themselves, which is why we can only recommend Amarestone.”

Emilie Holcke, Private Client, London