French Limestone

French limestone  French Limestone – Flooring – Cladding – Masonry – Carving – Six sides sawn – Bespoke pieces. Available to be sent all over the world for commercial and residential projects. French Limestone – the range: The range includes: Ampilly, Anstrude, Aubigny, Avy, Balzac, Barutel, Beaunotte, Beauval, Bellemont, Bellemont Bleu, Bleu de Lignieres, Bois…


German Limestone

We source German limestone from our trading partners in a number of different German quarries. The most famous, without doubt, is the Jura limestone which is well known for its distinctive characteristics. Jura Beige and Jura Grey both have recognisable markings and the occasional large ammonite fossils. The Beige and the Grey, both Jurassic limestones, are quarried…



Limestone is a sedimentary rock, formed from calcium carbonate which is often the organic remains of small marine organisms.

Many types contain fossils which differ according to the geographical position of the stone. Fossilised shells and coral are commonly found in the stone where it was formed under prehistoric sea beds.

Colours vary from almost white through to creams, beiges and brown to grey and near black.

Hardness and durability also vary depending on the composition of the stone. It is important to take this into account when specifying limestone for a project. Some are hard enough and the grain is fine enough for the stone to take a high polish. This can often lead to limestones being mistaken for marble, as in the case of the famous Spanish stone, Crema Marfil. However, technically, they should still be classified as limestones.

We specialise in French limestone but also source from the UK, GermanySpainPortugal, Italy and other parts of Europe.

Limestone can be used in many different ways; as floor and wall tiles, as large slabs for cladding, for table tops and worktops as well as for bespoke items such as staircases, fire surrounds and even altars.

We can help you identify the right stone whether it’s for a small domestic job or for a large commercial project. Please get in touch to discuss the details so that we can offer impartial advice on the best option for you.

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