We answer the most frequently asked questions about natural stone for flooring – marble, limestone and other natural stones.

Q: Why use natural stone?

A: Natural stone flooring has undergone a massive revival in recent years. Increasingly, people are re-discovering the durability, versatility and inherent beauty of stone as appreciated through the centuries. Amarestone natural stone flooring is a unique reflection of your personal style and taste, as well as serving a functional purpose and adding value to your home. Natural Stone flooring is a sustainable material, planet earth is creating more stone faster than we can use it!

Q: Are natural stone tiles suitable for any room in the home?

A: Yes. We have a stone or range of stones suitable for any living space in your home. We are able to advise on suitability taking into account your budget, lifestyle and room décor.

Q: Are limestone tiles difficult to maintain?

A: No, contrary to some popular myths, our limestone tiles are generally quite simple to maintain. Provided they are properly sealed with the correct impregnator during the fixing process, they require very little maintenance. We will advise on all aspects of cleaning and general maintenance.

Q: Are marble tiles expensive?

A: Some of the natural stone flooring tiles from Amarestone compare favourably in price with many porcelain tiles making them practical and affordable as well as uniquely beautiful. We do also supply some exclusive marble and limestone tiles from the very best quarries but because we import directly, our customers are not having to pay for distributor and middlemen mark-ups.

Q: Do natural stone tiles require specialist fixing?

A: Some of our stones lend themselves to being fixed by a competent DIYer but in all cases, there is a process to follow for best results. However, for most of our customers, it is a wise investment to ensure that the installation is carried out by experienced people who really understand the nature of the materials. To give you absolute peace of mind, we have our own teams of specialist installers who have worked on some of the most prestigious properties in the UK and Europe.

Q: Does marble feel cold underfoot?

A: Amarestone marble tiles will pick up the ambient temperature of the room. For an extra touch of luxury, we can supply underfloor heating that will work beautifully with our stone tiles.

Q: Can stone tiles be laid on any floor surface?

A: The fixing surface needs to be flat and solid. It is possible to lay stone tiles on a wooden base provided it is sturdy and does not flex (but do not lay directly onto a wooden surface – our blog explains more). Ceramic and porcelain tiles would be just as susceptible to cracking on a poorly prepared surface. We can advise on and supply additional products to ensure that the base is sufficiently stable for tiling. Polymer-modified adhesives and grouts and, ideally, an anti-fracture matting such as Mapetex, should then be used to prevent cracking. Preparation of the substrate is key to successful natural stone flooring installation.

Q: Can stone tiles be used outside?

A: In many cases, the answer is yes but not all types of stone are suitable. The information you need to check whether a stone is frost resistant or not should be contained on the CE certificate. If the stone has not been tested and declared fit for purpose then you will be taking a risk by using it and the specifier or supplier may be breaking the law if the stone does not have the all-important CE certificate.

Q: How do I find out more?

A: Get in touch by email or simply phone 0345 260 8070. Tell us what you need to know and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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