Stone Swimming Pool surrounds

Whether the swimming pools are fun areas for the whole family or tranquil retreats, natural stone is well suited to both indoor and outdoor pools.

There is a huge range of natural stone that can be used as swimming pool surrounds. There are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing the correct stone for the project. Most people will have a stone colour in mind but there are also the technical properties to consider. Slip resistance and safety are common priorities and then the question of maintenance also plays it part in the choice of the right material.

We can help answer all of these points and steer you towards the right stone for your particular project.


Antiqued limestone pool surround

Antiqued limestone swimming pool liner and surround in an enclosed oak frame barn.

By adding a heavily textured surface to the immediate pool surround, the edge of the pool will have increased slip-resistance and then the rest of pool house or area can continue in the same stone with a less textured surface if necessary.

Flame finished Italian sandstone pool surround

Flame finished Italian sandstone swimming pool surround

Many different stones are suitable for a pool surround so no matter what style is required there will be plenty of choice for both indoor and outdoor pools.

It is important to ensure that the chosen stone has been tested so that you can be assured it will be fit for purpose.

Sandblasted Carrara marble swimming pool surround

Sandblasted Carrara marble swimming pool surround

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