Chamesson French limestone:

Quarried in Burgundy, France, and hence known as a Pierre de Bourgogne, Chamesson French limestone is widely regarded as one of the premium limestones of France and has been used in significant projects in London, USA, Middle East and across the world.

Architect I. M. Pei used French stone in several of his most famous designs. He chose Chamesson B2-B4 for the external cladding and internal stone work in the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar. Chamesson’s resistance to salt attack was a significant reason for the choice of this limestone as the building sits directly next to the sea.

The different benches (layers) within the Chamesson quarry display different characteristics ranging from the heavily fossilled Coquillé with its strong beige background colour through to the greyer, off-white and delicate shell fossils of the B2-B4 benches.

The technical test data that is available for each of the benches demonstrates that the stone is ideally suited to a wide range of uses. Chamesson French limestone is suitable for use as:-

  • residential and commercial flooring
  • cladding
  • ashlar
  • columns, staircases, lintels and other structural and decorative items

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