Carving Stone: a photo album of images of Lavoux French limestone from quarry to finished carvings, claddings and bespoke pieces.

Lavoux is a limestone that carves well and has been approved for use on a number of heritage buildings including Canterbury Cathedral, York Minster, Gloucester Cathedral and many others.

There are two “benches” in the quarry. The upper level is the Lavoux à Grain (also known as Lavoux Doré). This has a slightly golden appearance and has been used extensively as a reliable alternative to the famous Caen limestone, the best of which is now in short supply.

The lower bench has very large reserves of Lavoux Fin, a whiter, finer grained stone with (1-2mm) small faint coloured shell fossils. This stone is highly praised by stone carvers for its consistency and for its ability to hold a sharp edge when carved. It is widely regarded by stone carvers as the ultimate carving stone.

This French limestone is quarried in south west France and is ideal as:-

  • cladding
  • ashlar
  • tracery
  • carving stone
  • fire surrounds

If you are interested in using Lavoux French limestone in your project, please get in touch. For larger projects, we would recommend a visit to the quarry and the factory so that you can fully understand the nature of the stone.

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