Avy French Limestone

Avy French limestone is quarried in southwest France in the Charente region in an underground mine. Like all the Amarestone quarries, this quarry is maintained to the highest ethical standards and complies fully with the requirements of the Ethical Stone Register.

There are two versions of the stone currently quarried. The main one is the Avy Blanc which has a plain white background with white fossils and the occasional grey or brown shell fossil. The other less common version is the Avy Doré which has the same white background and shell fossils but with honey coloured clouds running through.

The bed height is in excess of 2 metres making the stone ideal for large structural masonry pieces.

Avy French limestone - paving with pebble mosaic

Avy French limestone – external paving with pebble mosaic

Avy is a medium density hardwearing limestone that is frost resistant and is ideal for:-

  • external cladding
  • internal wall cladding
  • ashlar / masonry
  • external flooring
  • internal flooring – residential
  • staircases
  • fire surrounds
  • six sides sawn

If you are interested in using Avy limestone in your project, please get in touch. For larger projects, we would strongly recommend a visit to the quarry and the factory so that you can fully understand the nature of the stone.

All our French limestone is tested and given a CE certificate. Please ask for the technical specification of the stone.

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